A quick glance into the history of classical music reveals a strong tradition of knowledge and skills transference. Johann Sebastian Bach came from a prestigious musical lineage and was first taught to play the violin by his father, Leopold Mozart was a devoted teacher to his son, and Christian Gottlob Neefe is credited as having been one of Beethoven’s mostimportant teachers. The Singapore Violin Festival strives to continue this deep-seated tradition of sharing and learning, and in so doing, elevate the standard of today’s classical music education.

Founded on the basis of educating aspiring violinists, the SINGAPORE VIOLIN FESTIVAL (SVF) offers a wide array of training and performing opportunities for all individuals to explore.

In this Masterclass Series, we have the honour of inviting highly esteemed and internationally renowned teacher of our time, Petru Munteanu, to conduct 48 seminar sessions with you. Learn the essential violin art including Bach’s Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas, Mozart’s Violin Concertos and Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas, taught through the active demonstrations by 12 international competition winners handpicked from around the globe. As an attendee, you will gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the works that we believe to be foundational to any violin pedagogy.

The 7-day series is an intense and rigorous programme specially geared to top- level performance preparation, and provides a valuable opportunity for you to achieve a higher level of mastery towards performance. Earn a Attendee Diploma and be treated on the last day, as our Rising Star violinists take to the stage a spectacular finale concert that will be the amalgamation of all that you would have reviewed during the seminar series.

With great pleasure, we invite you to join us in this quality week of learning, inspired by great teaching.

Essential Repertoire

Johann Sebastian Bach
6 Violin Sonatas and Partitas, BWV 1001-1006

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Violin Concertos, No. 3-5

Ludwig van Beethoven
Violin Sonatas, No. 1-10

Join us, if:

• You are an educator, striving towards a higher level of proficiency in Bach, Mozart and Beethoven’s violin pieces, as well as to observe and learn the pedagogical methods of a leading professor. There will be plentiful opportunities for you to discuss about teaching and other related topics with fellow attendees.

• You are a scholar of classical violin, aspiring to gain thorough knowledge and mastery over the standard violin repertoire played extensively in competitions and other public forums. This masterclass series will inform you on the conventions in interpretation and performance, especially pertaining to competition requirements. The masterclasses will also propel your learning and refine your playing approach.

• You are a classical music lover, looking to further your appreciation and understanding of these great works. A series of immersive masterclass sessions will encourage you to explore these pieces in greater analysis, and develop greater sensitivity towards the methods in which they are commonly studied, taught and performed.