Q: Is there a form to me to fill?

A: Yes. The form is only available online. Register here.

Q: Why is there the need to send in the video link? 

A: The link sent through YouTube or Youku helps us determine the level of proficiency for us to eventually deliver the appropriate lesson plan for you (where applicable).

Q: Is there a minimum requirement to take part in the festival.

A: Yes there is (except for SVF 2018) but this is not measured by any qualifications to therefore determine if an individual would or would not be accepted. The selection committee views each application on its merits and factors such as interest to pursue music, enthusiasm towards music and competency of the instrument are some of the multi factors under considerations. The selection committee decision is final.

Q: We applied for the festival and was approved. What do we do next? 

For SVF 2019

A: Upon approval, you will receive and email confirmation of the approval and based on the request main on the application form, you would be required to make a balance payment of all fees (festival package, lodging and enrichment classes) minus the USD50 paid towards the registration within 14 days. The selection committee reserves the right to disqualify the application should the full fees are not received within reasonable time. There would be no refund of the registration fees.

Q: I received an email that rejected my application to join the festival. Why?

A: We are sorry that it has happened this way. We wish to assure you that it is not because you aren’t good but it could be due to reasons from the stringent criteria we wish to uphold or just simply the fact that the festival is over subscribed. However you could still be part of the festival by joining us at the Themed Masterclass or join us at the festival concerts and lecture-performances. By joining these programs it would also inspire you and offer you a wider perspective in music making.


Q: Do I get practice time with my accompanist prior to my open masterclass/performance?
A: The festival will try our best to allocate you practice time with your accompanists where available.

Q: Where will I be performing?
A:  You will be playing at various Conservatory venues, ( for example, the Conservatory Concert Hall, Recital Studio, Orchestra hall etc..) and participants’ concerts will be held during lunchtimes.

Q: Can my parents/relatives/friends watch me during my performance?

A:  For all noon concerts, admission is free based on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are playing for the gala concert (by invitation), your guests will be required to purchase a ticket.

Q: What is a masterclass?
A:  A masterclass is similar to a one-to-one class, with the exception that we will be admitting audience to watch your class.

Q: I am not available for my allocated slot. Can I change my lesson time/ masterclass/ performance?
A: The festival runs on an intense schedule for both professors and participants. Informing the administration once you receive your schedule will increase the possibility of a reschedule.

Q: I would like to have an addition lesson. Is it possible?
A:  Extra lessons can be arranged at an additional cost, subject to availability. Please contact the administration if you would like to arrange for an extra class.


Q: Can my parents sit-in while I’m having my private lesson and open Masterclass?
A:  Accompanying parents have to make the full fees to attend the Masterclass Series.
Q: Do my parents need to pay for festival concert tickets? 
A:  Accompanying parents who paid the full fees can be entitled to all access the concerts and events.
Q: Can my parents sit-in while I’m having my private lesson and open Masterclass?

A: Parents are free to accompany their child to the four private lesson.  They will also be given one Observation Pass to a open Masterclass.

Q: Do my parents need to pay for festival concert tickets? 
A: Yes.  Festival concerts are free for all participants, however, parents are allowed to attend the concerts at $30 each.