Set your sights on greater achievements

  • Expert Instruction – A masterclass series led by world renowned pedagogue, Professor Petru Munteanu.
  • In-Depth Study of the Essentials ¬†– Return to the core pieces of the violin repertoire and study them in competition-level depth.
  • Dynamic Learning Environment – An intensively packed 7 days to ensure full immersion in violin learning. Be surrounded by keen learners like yourself.


Certified by the Singapore Violin Festival

The Singapore Violin Festival aspires to elevate the level of classical music education. It has in previous years brought together impressive panels of world-renowned violinists and keen learners from all over the world, and has generate positive media coverage both locally, as well as in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its scope as a platform for learning includes masterclasses, concerts and enrichment classes.

Designed by the Singapore Violin Festival, this masterclass series Diploma Program will provide a deep understanding of the essential pieces in the violin repertoire. Upon completion, the Singapore Violin Festival will award you with a diploma certificate, to demonstrate your knowledge gained from this ultimate masterclass series.